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Hiraswa Susumu

Vocal, Synthesizers, Guiter and others



Born in Tokyo.
In 1979, formed P-MODEL and debut from Warner Brothers. Became a leading performer of techno pop and New Wave music.
In 1989, released a solo album Water in Time and Space and started solo activities besides P-MODEL. (P-MODEL is sleeping their activity now.)
In solo works, created originative stateless sounds those are very poetic and vocalic. The sounds give us images as if we are in a world where the PAST (myth/ethnic world) and FUTURE (sci-fi/computer world) meet the PRESENT.

Since 1994, has staged the Interactive Live Show on his own idea. It is well appreciated as a various entertainment show using computer graphics. The show has alternative stories and is carried on audience's reaction.
In 1999, started digital music distribution quickly on the Internet. He has always performed his music activities ahead of times, and all his works have been giving great inspiration and touching all artists and creators.

In 2002, The Philosopher's Propeller, the interactive live show in 2000, was awarded the best prize of Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award and the prize for the best Entertainment Works at Multimedia Grand Prix 2001 by Digital Content Association of Japan.

Also charged with soundtracks for the Satoshi Kon’s works of Millennial Actress, Paranoia Agent and Paprika, and soundtracks for anime and TV game of Kentaro Miura’s BERSERK.
His music was highly appreciated in the world, and The girl in Byakkoya - White Tiger Field, the theme song of Paprika was considered to enter into the nomination of Academy Award for Best Original Song.

From 2009, started Twitter.
His unique world view is very popular among his fans and the number of followers are increasing.
He currently works as a solo artist Susumu Hirasawa and as Kaku P-MODEL, the solo project taking over the music style from P-MODEL.

He has created a lot of various works. As of 2018, released 12 albums as P-MODEL, 13 albums as Susumu Hirasawa, 2 albums as KAKU PMODEL.


ORIGINAL ALBUMS (Susumu Hirasawa)




Live, Best and the other albums


[Brief History]


Released the first album "IN A MODEL ROOM/P-MODEL". Played as a curtain raiser for Japan Tour Opening Out of XTC and VAN HALEN


Released the second album "LANDSALE/P-MODEL".


Released the third album "Potpourri/P-MODEL".


Released the fourth album "Perspective/P-MODEL".


Released the fifth album "ANOTHER GAME/P-MODEL" and book with a cassette album "SCUBA/P-MODEL".


Released the sixth album "KARKADOR/P-MODEL".


Released the seventh album "ONE PATTERN/P-MODEL".


Released the live show video "Sankai no Jintai-Chizu(Somatic Map of the Three Worlds)/P-MODEL". P-MODEL got into a long break.


Released the first solo album "Jiku no Mizu(Water in Time and Space/SUSUMU HIRASAWA". Reissued "SCUBA/P-MODEL" as CD.


Released the second album "Science no Yurei(The Ghost in Science/SUSUMU HIRASAWA", an album "error CD/SUSUMU HIRASAWA" and a live video "error/SUSUMU HIRASAWA"


Released the third solo album "VIRTUAL RABBIT/SUSUMU HIRASAWA", a sound track for original video animation "Detonator Orgun1/SUSUMU HIRASAWA" and "Detonator Orgun2/SUSUMU HIRASAWA".


P-MODEL reactivated. Released the eighth album "P-MODEL/P-MODEL", the best solo album "Tamashii no Furusato(Root of Spirit)/SUSUMU HIRASAWA" and "Detonator Orgun3/SUSUMU HIRASAWA". Produced music for the HTV TV programme "Kamui Mintara".


Rleased the ninth album "big body/P-MODEL" and novel image album "Glory Senki(Glory Wars)/SUSUMU HIRASAWA".
P-MODEL got into a long break again for 'REVISION'.


Released the fourth album "AURORA/SUSUMU HIRASAWA". Started the original indies label Diw/Syun. Reissued "OOPARTS/SYUN". Released a live album "PAUSE/P-MODEL", an album "Live no Houhou(The Way of Live)/P-MODEL", "LANDSCAPES/SYUN" and the eleventh album "Air on the Wiring/Pre P-MODEL".


P-MODEL reactivated with new members. Released the fifth solo album "SIM CITY" and the P-MODEL tenth album "Fune(Ship)/P-MODEL".


Released the sixth album "SIREN*SEIREN/SUSUMU HIRASAWA".
Reissued a live video "Sankai no Jintai-Chizu(Somatic Map of the Three Worlds)" in new edition.


Released a video "Kaku no Soprano(Unreal Soprano)", the Interactive Live Show in September 1996.
P-MODEL released the 3 Maxi Singles in series. Played out the great story on the Internet. At the end of the story, P-MODEL released the eleventh album "Denshi Higeki/~ENOLA(Electronic Tragedy/~ENOLA)".
As sequel they also performed the live tour "Live Denshi Higeki(Live Electronic Tragedy)" on that story.
Hirasawa composed for "BERSERK", the sound track of TV animation.


Released SUSUMU HIRASAWA the seventh solo album "Kyusai no Gihou(Technique of Relief)". Performed the Interactive Live Show "WorldCell"


SUSUMU HIRASAWA and KENJI KONISHI organised a new unit "Global Trotters" collaborated with Hans Joachim Roedelius who is a member of German ambient group Kluster. This new unit released an album "DRIVE".
Hirasawa composed "LOST LEGEND", the sound track for an attraction at Shima Spanish Village in Mie.
For the 20th anniversary of P-MODEL, started the project named 'MUSIC INDUSTRIAL WASTES `P-MODEL OR DIE' and began the on-line music selling by MP3 as the first professional musician in Japan.
Rleased Virtual Live-1 "P-MODEL Live at S-KEN STUDIO 1969".
Rleased the twelfth album "MUSIC INDUSTRIAL WASTES `P-MODEL OR DIE".
Rleased Virtual Live-2 "P-MODEL Live at SHIBUYA NYLON 100% 1970".
Rleased Virtual Live-3 "P-MODEL Live at Kyodai Seibu Kodo 1972".
Hirasawa composed "BERSERK Sen-nen Teikoku no Taka hen Wasurebana no syo(BERSERK: Millennium Falcon/Amnesia Flower)", the original game sound track for Dream Cast.


Released SUSUMU HIRASAWA the eighth solo album "Kenja no Propeller(Philosopher's Propeller)". Performed the Interactive Live Show "Kenja no Propeller"

[About the Interactive Live Show]

The Interactive Live Show is a multimedia concert which was started in 1994 performed by Susumu Hirasawa, a musician, with supporter's cooperation. The concerts have a story, and the audiences can participate in it.

The story that is expressed by text or video information projected on the huge screen set on the stage, the CG images change bustlingly with the music, taking in the will of the participants and the audience through the Internet on real time.
It is like watching a grand role-playing game.

In 2002, "Philosopher's propeller, The Interactive Live Show 2000" was awarded "Minister of Economy Trade and Industry's Award" of Multimedia Grand Prix 2001 in Japan.
This May "Live Byakkoya" is going to be performed which is the 9th of the series.

The show goes mainly with the multimedia system Amiga computer as Hirasawa's right-hand.
The show can advance and the audience can choose the advance direction shown in majority on the hot point (turning point).
In the ponts, there are designed interfaces such as cheering voices orlight. The interfaces are developing show by show.
And since 1998, the new system started called "Home Audience".
It makes audience possible to participate to the show through the Internet.