In 1979, Susumu Hirasawa founded the techno-pop group "P-MODEL"
based on the progressive group MANDRAKE.
This lead to their debut from WARNER MUSIC, Japan, and during the techno-pop
boom at that time, both Y.M.O. and P-MODEL stole the show with their far out sounds.
Since then, their career has been musically energetic and prolific
with an ever-regenerating band membership.

1999 was the 20th anniversary of P-MODEL.
This was forefronted with an ambitious project entitled:
Their objective: to introduce people to the way of future music industries,
offering digital music delivered via the INTERNET.

In 1989, Susumu Hirasawa also began his solo activities, creating original stateless
sounds of a very poetic and vocal nature. His musical images portraying a world where
the PAST (mythical and ethnic) and the FUTURE (sci-fi/computer world) meet the
. This is the nature of HIRASAWA'S WORLD.

Since 1994, Hirasawa has staged his own creation "THE INTERACTIVE LIVE SHOW"
using the AMIGA computer and various unique technological instruments.
These alternative concerts offer real-time 'audience participation', in which the listeners
can direct the movement of the music through sensors, noise, reaction etc. in the style
of a
Role Playing Game. They have been well received. This is Susumu's life work and
he has staged 5 interactive concerts so far.
He now look forwards to bringing the same to the U.S. & Europe.

Susumu Hirasawa demonstrates a talent for music.
As well as his own projects, he has made soundtracks for TV documentaries, video
animations, music novels, etc. And he is most appreciated in this area for the music
of the 1997 Japanese animation drama "BERSERK" which included the album production
of actress Yuko Miyamoto.

All of his works have touched artists and inspired creators.