Susumu Hirasawa The 9th Mandala

There is a Mandala that will open after being knocked 90,000 times.
When the 9th Mandala opens, the sound of the 90,000 musical notes will fall.

The Concert Celebrating 90,000 Twitter Followers: The 9th Mandala

Eight years have passed since I started on Twitter. For me, who consider myself to be stealth personified, the increasing number of the followers is the very history of my escape. Like passing through a vision wall, here I am after evading the unbelievable number of readers, ever-increasing no matter how many times I refused them. Up to the present, I faced this huge vision wall every ten thousand units, eight times so far, and each time I managed to escape by releasing them into a zone of meaninglessness. It was similar to setting fire to the thousands of pages of fake sutra which declare this path leads to sweet glory after passing through the eight grids linked to kinds of fulfilment.

And now I've just been willingly captured by the final grid which consists of the 90,000 gazes. The reason I came here with SSHO and TAZZ, the Ejin, who helped me escape by breaking the border between grid and grid, was to give the final 90,000th beating against the final grid and reach the 9th Mandala, which is a release gate to the bleached meanings. When the 9th Mandala opens at the 90,000th knock, the sound of bleaching consisting of the 90,000 notes will be released. It is a ceremony to step without flinching toward the coming unit of 100,000 and to exorcise the ghosts of the spurious glory and the empty threat of abundance. It will be necessary for me to remain as stealth forever.

Susumu Hirasawa

90,000 Knocks


The number of the beats of the snare drum will be counted in real time at the 9th Mandala concerts through Osaka and Tokyo and displayed on the count monitor. If the drumbeat reaches 90,000 times in total through the five concerts, a special tune consisting of 90,000 notes will be delivered on the net. We wouldn't reach 90,000 beats at a normal performance. To give energy to the drum players to get as near as possible to that total, cheer them on! At the Osaka performance, TAZZ will play the drum.

The Sound of 90,000 Notes

On this site, you can see the live stream to check the current status of the beating of the snare drum and also see the total score after the concert every time. If the 90,000 beats are achieved, a tune consisting of 90,000 notes will be delivered free on this site.