Chord Shooter Workroom

To All Chord Shooters:

In this story, you are called Chord Shooters . The Chord Shooters must build a bridge over the valleys by breaking up rocks with Crasher Chords fired from the Chord Gun.
Mr. Hirasawa and the audience at the concert hall are travelling to the WORLD CELL across the bridges built by the Chord Shooters.  So, if you, the Chord Shooters, don’t build the bridge, they can’t move ahead through the deep valleys. You have a big responsibility!

Using the Chord Gun is simple.
First, press the switch on the switch box and listen to the sample chord. Second, find the right combination of the sounds from the symbols to re-create the same chord as the one in the sample.
Finally, press the “fire” button. That’s all!

If you would like more information, please follow the instructions on the Twitter feed for the live show.

Good luck!

Please register as a Chord Shooter at the Chord Shooter Registration page before going to the Chord Shooter Workroom.

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It was finished.


It was finished.

The Twitter Feed For The Live Show