ー This is the arrival point of the ESHIKARU TREK tour, which opened with the 2019 FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL performance by Susumu Hirasawa + Ejin.
It was an empty GHOST VENUE in GHOST TOKYO where people have disappeared.
The video sails from there just like a message in a bottle catapulted into the sea.
Is it an SOS? Or is it a signal to summon you?
The message with all its force is waiting for you to receive it. ー

Susumu Hirasawa + Ejin

360-degree camera footage will be released.
You can watch the show from any angle by controlling cursor.
The chat function is available from the start of the streaming.
You can watch the archive for a week until 11:59 pm on 21st August (JST).
Please enjoy the final performance of the ESHIKARU TREK tour to the fullest.

*** Ticket Information

Streaming duration: Saturday 15th Aug 7:00 pm – Friday 21st Aug 11:59 pm (JST)
Streaming ticket: 2,750JPY

For the purchaser living in Japan
Ticket is available at the following URL between 8th Aug 10:00 am and 21st Aug 10:00 pm (JST)

For the purchaser living outside Japan
Ticket is available at the following URL between 8th Aug 10:00 am and 13th Aug 11:59 pm (JST)

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

*** The streaming service is unavailable in certain locations such as China, Russia, and North Korea.
Please check the URL below to see if it can be played on ULIZA in advance.

*** Visit the Chaos Union official YouTube channel below for the digest video of ESHIKARU TREK 2K20 ▼04 GHOST VENUE.


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